Authorities encourage residents to keep house markers posted and visible

Authorities are urging county residents to keep house marker signs accurate and visible to ensure everyone’s safety.
When emergency responders are dispatched to residences they rely on the house number signs to located the homes they are meant to be responding to.
If a house number is not visible or correct there is no guarantee that those responding will be able to make it to the residence in an adequate amount of time when an emergency arises.
“If we can’t find you, we can’t help you,” said Evan Moss, Captain of the Southside Rescue Squad
In times of emergency, responders ability to reach their destination before matters escalate becomes a major priority.
Moss said, “something as simple as having your address numbers visible from the road can make a difference in an emergency situation.”
Residents who currently have their house marker sign near the road are asked by authorities to make sure nothing is blocking them like a bush, decorations, overgrown grass, etc.
Residents are also asks to check their marker routinely to ensure that the numbers remain visible and are clearly able to be seen from both directions of the nearest roadway.
Those who do not have a house number marker sign near the road are advised to install one to help ensure that in times of trouble those dispatched to the residence to assist can find them.