Black ice to blame for Monday morning crashes

Fairly heavy rains that drenched most of Mecklenburg on Super Bowl Sunday left standing water on roadways that froze overnight into Monday, turning travel conditions treacherous for the Monday morning commute.
Mecklenburg County Public Schools notified parents and staff early Monday morning of a two-hour delay, citing roadway conditions causing travel hazards as the reason for the delay.
The decision prevented any school busses, students or staff from being mixed up in the black ice mess that ended up causing several crashes before it melted.
La Crosse Volunteer Fire Department was called to two crashes, caused by black ice on Monday morning, both on or near the Hwy 58 overpass.
The first occurred when a vehicle slid on black ice and collided with a guardrail. The second crash was caused by a tractor-trailer, which slid on the icy roads, causing it to sideswipe a propane truck.
No injuries were reported as a result of either incident.
Lake Gaston Volunteer Fire Department was also called to crash caused by black ice on Monday morning.
The crash occurred along Hwy 903 in the Bracey area when a pick-up, pulling a fully-loaded equipment trailer struck a patch of black ice. As the driver applied the brakes, the trailer jack-knifed, pushing the truck into the ditch.
The truck overturned after sliding into the other ditch before the trailer became separated from the truck.
A LGVFD EMT witnessed the incident and immediately called for help before approaching the crash and removing the driver from the wreckage.
The driver was uninjured.