Bluestone seniors count down to the finish line

Another step toward graduation, the seniors of Bluestone High School were recognized with awards and scholarships at Friday’s annual Senior Award Ceremony.
The class of 2017 consisting of 123 soon-to-be graduates gathered in the gymnasium at Bluestone High School Friday with their families and friends there to show support and congratulate the seniors on their achievements.
Faculty and staff of Bluestone High School presented students with academic and athletic awards recognizing both the mental and physical talent within the senior class. Local organizations that offer scholarships were also present to announce their scholarship recipients from the class of 2017.
While the event was a time of celebration it also gave the opportunity to remember the students who did not make it this far. A seat among the class of 2017 was saved in remembrance of Heather-Anne Tucker, who would have been graduating this month. Her sister Hannah-Rose Tucker and her parents were present to show their support for the rest of the graduating class and share their gratitude for the support the community has shown to them since losing Heather-Anne to her battle with cancer.
Bluestone High School Principal Pauline Keeton and Del. Tommy Wright held a moment of silence for those in attendance to take a moment to remember Heather-Anne and share their love for her family and the rest of the senior class.
Bluestone High School will be holding graduation on May 20 at 9 a.m. in the gymnasium where family and friends will see the seniors take their final walk across the stage.