Boydton-based Virginia Homes sold

Will continue operation, retain employees

Rumors have been circulating throughout the area this week that Virginia Homes has been sold. The Boydton-based modular homebuilder has been a fixture in Southside Virginia for nearly half a century.

“All of those rumors are correct,” said Dan Hobbs on Wednesday. “We’re excited about the acquisition.”

Hobbs, the CEO of the new operation, is heading up the transition at the Boydton plant and was quick to point out that although the firm has changed names and owners, the plant will remain in Boydton and current employees are being retained.

A statement released to employees on Wednesday explained the purchase and answered some of the bigger questions about the change. The statement reads in part: “Virginia Homes Building Systems, a Virginia limited liability company, on Aug. 18 purchased the operating assets and defined liabilities of Virginia Homes Manufacturing Corporation, the existing company which has been in operation since 1969. Contemporaneously, Digifab Virginia Properties, a Virginia limited liability company, purchased the land and buildings formerly owned by Virginia Homes Manufacturing Corporation. Virginia Homes Building Systems and Digifab Virginia Properties are owned by principals in Texas. Rame and Russell Hruska, the owners of Intexure, are the majority owners.”

The statement also details the organization of the new business entity.

“The acquiring team brings significant industry experience as well as established builder relationships. Dan Hobbs is CEO and responsible for the operation of the companies; all Boydton staff of Virginia Homes Manufacturing Corporation will be retained. Marvin Thomas, president of Virginia Homes Manufacturing Corporation, will remain for a 60-day transition period and may likely continue in a capacity beyond that time. In addition, the team is being augmented by the addition of the former head of Design/Engineering for Excel Homes of Virginia, an experienced draftsperson and four experienced salespeople from Excel Homes of Virginia.”

Finally, the statement states the commitment of the new firm to the continued success of the company and outlines plans for future growth.

“Virginia Homes Building Systems will continue to operate the existing business and anticipates tripling the current production rate. Further, it is anticipated the company will employ up-to-date technology to speed communication, improve efficiency and provide superior customer service.”

On Wednesday, Hobbs reaffirmed the optimism of the new team while recognizing the accomplishments of founder R.T. “Tommy” Arnold.

“We’re excited about the acquisition,” said Hobbs. “We are building upon the legacy of Mr. Tommy Arnold, founder. As far as we know, Virginia Homes in the longest continuously operating, privately held modular manufacture in the country. We want to build on that and propel the company forward.”

Hobbs added that Virginia Homes’ business has been and remains solid. There are, he said, plenty of orders.

“Business is good,” said Hobbs. “Our challenge is building homes fast enough to meet our customers’ expectations.”

To meet those expectations, Hobbs said that he expects the capacity and number of employees at the plant to increase.

“We have roughly 50 employees now,” said Hobbs. “I would anticipate we will add probably a dozen or so employees. I don’t know that we’ll add a huge number given that we’ll be doing things to greatly increase the efficiency.”

He added that the firm will be upgrading the technology used at the plant as well as adding to the custom design section.

“We do custom homes, and in particular the team coming in has been very good in that aspect, so they’ll be bringing that capability,” he said. “We want to be careful how fast we expand capacity so as not to overstretch. We want to grow in a controlled fashion.”