Boydton unveils LOVE sign

The Town of Boydton unveiled its new Virginia Tourism LOVE sign on Thursday afternoon on the lawn area between town hall and the Historic Boyd Tavern.
The work of art was created in time to be unveiled prior to the 40th Annual Boydton Day celebration, which will take place this Saturday, Oct. 29.
Each of the four letters of the sign is composed of donated items that hold a special meaning to the town.
The L is made of driftwood from Kerr Lake, donated by Holly Burnette, as well as brick from the original Randolph Macon College campus in Boydton, donated by Walter Beales.
The O is the town seal surrounded by horseshoes, which represent the town’s rich equestrian and horse racing history. The town seal was designed by Ruth Crowder and constructed by Justin Eubank, while the horseshoes were donated by Gene Kennedy.
The V is made of two antique wooded cypress water skis, donated by Charlie and Ann Lee Reamy and representing the outdoor recreation possibilities that Kerr Lake has to offer.
Finally, the E is a photo collage containing many photos illustrating Boydton’s past. The photos were donated by or collected from the Boydton Town Hall, Nora J. Miller, Bob and Jenny Salzmann, Marilyn Gregory and the Boydton Volunteer Fire Department.
The collage was designed by Brooks Lenhart and constructed by Justin Eubank.
The overall design of the entire sign was contributed by Brooks Lenhart, Shirley Bowen, Donna Ober and Michelle Gregory Gordon, while the overall construction and assembly of the art piece was completed by Will Ober.
The sign will remain on the grassy area near Boyd Tavern until after Boydton Day, when it will be moved to the Washington Street trailhead of the Tobacco Heritage Trail.