Boydton’s new mayor welcomed by town


Tuesday night’s Boydton Town Council meeting marked the first official meeting with Johnny Kirkland seated as Mayor of Boydton.
Council member Ronny Worley welcomed Kirkland into his new position of mayor by saying, “We appreciate you stepping up and taking the throne.”
The other council members as well as a few members of the public present at the meeting congratulated Kirkland on his new role and even complimented some of the work he has already accomplished.
Boydton resident, Will Ober commended Kirkland on his work with the new playground and commented on how good it was looking.
A few years ago, retired playground equipment was donated to the Town of Boydton after the closing of a local school building, which is now the Central Office for Mecklenburg County Public Schools.
Kirkland said the town is finally getting around to installing the equipment, at a location off of Hull Street, and he hopes to see all of the equipment in place and to have the park open to the public in the very near future.
Also during the meeting the council was tasked with appointing a vice-mayor to serve alongside Kirkland. The council nominated current Vice-Mayor Tinker Gill to be re-appointed followed by a unanimous vote in favor of Gill’s appointment.
Following the council meeting a congratulatory celebration was held to honor Gill, who took on the role of mayor in the spring of 2017 after the former mayor Tommy Coleman was no longer able attend town functions due to medical reasons.
“You led us well,” Kirkland said adding that, “when Tommy got sick you picked the ball up and there was no hesitation.”
The members of council treated Gill to a small thank you celebration with cake and ice cream being shared in the town hall with all those in attendance at Tuesday’s meeting
Gill shared his appreciation for his fellow town representatives’ act of kindness and referring to his time spent in the role of Mayor said, “I was proud to do it.”