Brodnax crash causes 12-hour detour and power outages, driver flees scene

A single-vehicle crash that occurred in the town of Brodnax on Sunday caused Highway 58 to be shut down for about 12 hours and snuffed out electrical current for many Brodnax residents for nearly the same amount of time.

The driver of the vehicle initially fled the scene but turned himself in to law enforcement within 24 hours of the crash.

The crash occurred shortly before 7 a.m. when a motorist driving a white Toyota pick-up truck struck a stop sign and power pole in the area of Tanner Town Road and Piney Pond Road (Highway 58). The impact to the power pole was so great and caused such tension among the lines it resulted in other poles in the vicinity being damaged as well.

Witnesses said moments after the crash, the male driver crawled out from the vehicle, slung a backpack over his shoulder and left the scene on foot.

While the driver was not immediately located after the crash, responders on scene were able to locate an ID inside of the vehicle, believed to belong to the driver, which law enforcement used in an attempt to locate him.

According to Virginia State Police Trooper Charles Dunn, who is investigating the crash, the driver, Scott Ryan Deckard, of Gerton, N.C., turned himself in to police on Monday.

Dunn said judging by the crash scene it does appear that Deckard exceeded the posted speed limit prior to crashing. He has been charged with failure to maintain proper control of the vehicle.

Dunn said had Deckard not turned himself in within 24 hours of the crash, he would have also been charged with hit and run with property damage and failure to report the crash.

The vehicle was towed to Ricky’s Service Center in Brodnax, where it remains.

The lines that were downed due to the crash knocked out current in the town for most of the day. Some customers did not see their current back on until 5:30 p.m.

The detour around the accident scene lasted even longer, as utility companies including Dominion Virginia Power, Buggs Island Telephone Cooperative and Verizon all had infrastructure damaged by the crash and responded to make repairs.

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) assisted emergency responders with traffic control, debris clean up and the detour route.

Brodnax Volunteer Fire Department, one of the first agencies to respond to the scene, arrived with 12 members aboard three trucks and remained on scene for most of the day.

Brodnax Fire Chief Brad Rogers would like to thank all the responding agencies, VDOT and the utility companies, as well as Heath Jackson with Ricky’s Service Center, who provided a free breakfast to all the responders on scene.