Chase City fights back against violence

Members of the Chase City Town Council devoted a good deal of time on Monday night to discussing a special Community Watch Meeting scheduled for Tuesday night, April 17. The meeting, to be held at the Robert E. Lee Community Center, will focus on recent violent acts committed in the town and ways for the community to come together and fight the problem.
Chief J.A. Jordan of the Chase City Police Department told Council and citizens present that the meeting will feature different guests from different organizations discussing the problem and possible ways to reduce the violence. He urged all citizens to come out “and try to make a difference in our town.”
Council member Marshall Whitaker said he had attended the last Community Watch Meeting and praised the effort.
“If you weren’t there, you missed a good meeting. I think this is something we need to get involved with,” said Whitaker. “If you can possibly be there, please come. Bring a friend or a neighbor. We’ve got a lot going on and it’s going to take everyone to come up with something to stop it. Something needs to take place,” said Whitaker. “Something has to take place.”
Whitaker challenged all of the other Council members to attend.
Town Manager Angela Lawrence said that people should bring their ideas and commitment because volunteers will be needed to work together to find answers.