Children’s Theatre Workshop returns

Once again this year, the Clarksville Community Players are excited to announce that the group will hold a two-week Children’s Theatre Workshop in Clarksville.  
Last year’s edition, featuring a new extended format, was a huge success, and so this year, the group has decided to keep the workshop in the two-week, extended format.
This year, the workshop will present a full musical, “Disney’s Mulan Jr.,” by the kids as the highlight of the workshop. The kids will have the chance to learn exactly what goes into putting on a play from start to finish and what skills are required at every phase of putting together a production.  
Skills explored during the workshop include an introduction to theater etiquette, character development, mime and movement, drama exercises and improvisation, costuming and make up, auditioning techniques, singing and vocalization and ensemble acting.
Kim Demetriades, who is the coordinator and producer for the Players’ summer workshops, says that these skills not only serve students should they become involved in theater but provide valuable lessons for every aspect of their future lives.
“Developing and exploring one’s talent on stage or perhaps as a creative hand behind the scenes can never begin too early,” said Demetriades. “Not everyone chooses a life in the arts, but the foundation that children can build in a creative surrounding like theatre can lead to endless possibilities in the fields of IT, architecture, biology or almost anything. If they learn now, through their creativity, they can be anything on stage, nothing will stop them as an adults. Theater gives them a knowledge that they can do wonderful and amazing things.”
Another change for the Players’ Children’s Theatre Workshop this year is the age of participants. This year, ages are 6 to 12. Traditionally, the workshop had a minimum age of 7 years old.
“With the new format we will be able to concentrate on an age range closer in age but give the younger ones a chance to learn by watching the older kids with experience and see them really thrive in their first year of the workshop,” said Demetriades.
The Players are also pleased to announce that Sandra Lowe, a seasoned actor throughout the region, will serve as the Children’s Theatre Workshop director this season. Lowe has been a part of the Players for some time. She has played in a variety of productions include 2015’s “Second Samuel.” She has also served as director and producer on shows such as the classic “Arsenic & Old Lace,” “Steel Magnolias,”  “The Odd Couple” and “Kitchen Witches.”
Serving as musical director for the Children’s Theatre Workshop this year is Emily Hunt.  The 18-year-old “triple threat” is already a seasoned performer and theatre veteran. She was invaluable as Children’s Theatre Workshop choreographer last year, where she demonstrated amazing leadership qualities, often instructing the kids in music and dance for the workshop.  
Auditions are scheduled to be held this Saturday at the Clarksville Fine Arts Center 
Children will be asked to read some from the script as well as do some fun movement exercises and sing possibly something from the show or “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”
For more information or full audition details visit or call (434) 374-0058.