Clarksville joins retail growth effort

On Tuesday night the Clarksville Town Council approved the participation of the town in the Retail Strategies project.
The Virginia Growth Alliance requested that Mecklenburg and surrounding counties procure a professional consulting firm at a regional level to develop retail recruitment strategies with specific recommendations for the towns involved. After the VGA reviewed the proposals for the retail recruitment initiative they decided on Retail Strategies.
Retail Strategies is a company that assists local municipalities in the development of professional strategies for retail recruitment. The consultants of Retail Strategies will be collecting data and conducting research in the participating towns to produce a comprehensive review covering key items providing insight into the market.
Clarksville Town Manager Jeff Jones encouraged the council to consider the project and said, “I do think this is a great opportunity for us to gain some demographic data.” He also said this project will allow the town to receive advice on what kind of retail needs to be added to the town and strategies on how to get the retail in the town.
Council member Christopher Clarke was fully on board with joining the project, saying, “This is jobs right here. If we need a motion, I motion to approve this.”
The Retail Strategies project is a regional effort to increase retail and revenue in five counties including Greensville, Nottoway, Prince Edward, Brunswick and Mecklenburg.
Being a regional project, the total cost will be spread across all five counties participating, making Mecklenburg County’s total cost $20,000.
The Mecklenburg County Board of Supervisors has committed to cover $10,000 of the cost, and the remaining $10,000 will be divided between the towns of Mecklenburg County that choose to participate in the Retail Strategies project.
The estimated cost for the town of Clarksville will be in the range of $1,300 to $1,600 depending on how many towns choose to participate. The project will be funded by funds in the 2017-18 Professional Services Budget or Tourism Budget line item.
In regard to the 2017-18 budget the town council moved to approve the proposed budget and commented on how well it was done. Clarksville Mayor Kevin Allgood said, “I am very proud that our town had no increases in taxes or water and sewer fees.”