County dumps problematic dumpsters around town

Mecklenburg County opened its newly staffed convenience center on U.S. 1 across from Park View High School, also known as “Wayside Dump Site,” on Monday.
The county has also begun the process of removing green dumpsters from multiple sites along major highways around South Hill that are especially problematic.
As of right now, green dumpster sites such as one on Highway 47 west of South Hill, two along U.S. 1 North toward Brunswick County and several sites on U.S. 1 South have been removed or are targeted for removal.
Smaller, more rural green dumpster sites, such as the ones around La Crosse and Union Level, are being left intact. The green dumpster sites at Bracey and Lake Gaston are not affected at this time.
The Wayside Dump Site will be the second staffed convenience center in Mecklenburg County. The other one, outside of Chase City, was put into operation approximately two years ago.
“It took some getting used to, but it’s done really well,” Jenny Whittemore, who works in the county administrator’s office, said of the Chase City convenience center.
She noted Clarksville will be the next community to receive a staffed convenience center.
Whittemore said Mecklenburg County is behind some other localities in the region, such as Brunswick County, in implementing staffed convenience centers. She said county officials are aware that change will be hard for some citizens who are used to dumping their trash at certain sites that are no longer there.
“People are going to be frustrated when they go to the dumpster site they’ve always used and it’s not there,” she said.
At the same time, she said the staffed convenience centers offer multiple advantages, not the least of which is saving the county money by reducing the dumping of out-of-county and out-of-state trash here, as well as curbing contractor and commercial abuse of green dumpster sites.
Currently, it’s suspected quite a bit of waste comes into the county’s green dumpsters from outside the county and state. Whittemore said the county pays tipping fees to dump the waste it collects at the regional landfill, which is located off Highway 92 between Boydton and Chase City.
“If you live in another county or state, we don’t want your trash,” Whittemore said. “It’s not fair for Mecklenburg County taxpayers to pay for that trash to be dumped.”
She also said some contractors who are supposed to pay the tipping fees for waste on their projects to be dumped and some commercial business that are supposed to rent green dumpsters for their waste misuse the green dumpster sites.
In addition, she said convenience centers are cleaner, safer and less unsightly. They’re well-lit, and garbage won’t be piled on the ground around bins. They’re also more sanitary, as scavengers won’t be allowed to rummage through garbage.
There will be an attendant on-site during operating hours to help with any questions or issues, and there will be recycling bins set up as well as bins for brush/yard waste, furniture and appliances/metal.
The Wayside Dump Site is for Mecklenburg County residents and property owners only.
Users will be required to prove they’re a Mecklenburg County resident or taxpayer, either by displaying the county sticker on their vehicle, showing identification or bringing a copy of their tax bill or receipt.
The following will not be allowed: Contractor/commercial/business waste, tires, liquids and hazardous materials.
Recycle bins will be provided for aluminum, cardboard, newspaper and mixed paper.
Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. (7 p.m. from November through February) and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Gates will be locked all other times.
Violators will be prosecuted.
Call (434) 738-6191 for more information.