Grand Jury Meets

The Mecklenburg Grand Jury met last week, handing down indictments for crimes reported around the area over the last few months.

Latisha Monique Shabrie Jeffress, 25, was indicted last week on a charge of shoplifting goods valued at under $200 from the South Hill Walmart on March 1.

Tony Eugene Oliver, 48, is facing charges of theft of property valued at $200 or over from the residence of Andrew Allen Russell on May 17. The incident took place in the South Hill area.

Derrick G. Carpenter, 23, has been indicted on charges of breaking and entering the home of Cody Fransisco and Jenny Shore while armed with a deadly weapon and the intent to commit a felony. Carpenter was also charged with possession of a firearm after have previously been convicted of a felony within ten years. The charges stem from incidents that took place the Chase City area on May 29.

Jonathan Dale Newman, 37, will face charges for the May 16 break in during daytime hours at the residence and shop, office, storehouse or warehouse of Robert H. Campbell.

Dennis Gray Alexander, 38, has been indicted for possession of a Schedule I or II substance, possession of cocaine and possession of a firearm after having been previously been convicted of two or more similar offenses.

Dennis Walker, 52, is facing numerous indictments for failure to re-register with the Virginia State Police on the Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry after being convicted of a sexually violent offense and having previously been convicted of failure to re-register.

Natalie Marie Crews, 30, is facing charges of shoplifting from a Dollar General Store on May 30 after having been convicted of similar offenses two or more times. The incident was reported in the South Hill area.

Jerry Wayne Wray, 64, is facing three counts stemming from the June 16 theft of a credit card or information from Lila Mann in the South Hill area. Wray is also facing a charge of stealing property valued at $200 or less from Mann.

Rashida Iesha Wilson, 23, faces a variety of charges relating the forgery and uttering of a public record in May.

A June 8, incident has led to the indictment of Amarai Ladae Brown on charges of possession of cocaine.

Two people have been indicted on charges of conspiring to injure another person. Jermaine Randale Nelson, 34, and Tylleah Shirley Russell, 25, are facing the charges in relation to an attack on Melvin Hatcher on December 9, of last year.