Hospital capital campaign exceeds $3.5 million goal

The CMH Foundation announced Tuesday that the $3.5 million Health Care for Life Capital Campaign has attained its goal thanks to more than 800 donors from 94 different towns/cities and eight states.
In making the announcement, Ken Kurz, director of Marketing and Development for VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital and the executive director of the CMH Foundation said, “We had many different businesses and individuals answer our call for help. Living in Southern Virginia and northern North Carolina is special as evidenced by the response to our capital campaign.”
The campaign was undertaken to facilitate construction of a Medical Services Center addition to the new VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital that is currently under construction in northeast South Hill.
Kurz said capital campaigns typically run about two years from concept to completion, but because of the time frame needed for the Medical Services Center to be built concurrently with the new hospital, those two years were compressed into just under 10 months.
The short duration of the capital campaign was necessary to save significant costs during construction, according to Scott Burnette, CEO of VCU Health CMH.
“By being able to build the Medical Services Center concurrently with the new hospital we will save at least $850,000,” he said. “The savings come from having the construction company and workers already staged on site.”
Kurz explained that the CMH Foundation began by forming a Capital Campaign Cabinet in early 2016 and got to work quickly.
“Our three co-chairs, Ryan Bartholomew, Sandra Hubbard and Dean Marion, wasted no time in focusing the cabinet’s attentions to the task at hand,” he said.
The three co-chairs, Burnette and Kurz were joined by Carolyn Blackwell, human resources director with Peebles, serving as Public Division co-chair; Judy Jacquelin, a former employee with CMH, serving as co-chair for the Public Division; Foundation Manager Shannon Lambert; Wendy Lenhart, director of Radiology at VCU Health CMH, serving as co-chair of the Family Division; Jeff Parrish, co-owner of Parrish Trucking out of Lunenburg and a CMH Foundation board member, serving as Business and Industry chair; Sheri Sparkman, secretary/treasurer with Superior Investments and a Foundation board member, serving as Speakers Bureau chair; Joyce Tudor, a CMH Auxiliary member, serving as Auxiliary chair; and April Wright, department secretary in Surgery at VCU Health CMH, serving as Family Division co-chair.
According to Kurz, the cabinet’s first order of business was engaging the “Family Division” — also known as the employees, physicians and auxiliary members at the hospital.
“Our Family Division co-chairs, Wendy Lenhart and April Wright, are miracle workers,” Burnette said. “Our goal was to reach 75 percent participation among employees. We not only reached that goal but exceeded it, getting 82 percent of our employees contributing. The amount of money raised among employees was what truly shocked many people. The employee component of the Family Division saw more than $580,000 pledged to the campaign — more than double our last campaign and more than 16 percent of the overall campaign goal.”
Burnette said nearly 90 percent of medical providers associated with CMH contributed to this campaign, far exceeding previous capital campaigns at CMH.
Add the Auxliary’s pledge of $225,000, and nearly 25 percent of the campaign’s goal was provided by the Family Division, according to Kurz.
“As we approached donors in the communities we serve, sharing that type of commitment from our employees, medical providers and volunteers helped tremendously,” Kurz said. “We literally received applause when speaking to groups about the campaign when we mentioned our Family Division’s success.”
The overall campaign saw more than 800 donors pledging or contributing a total of $3.515 million. Kurz said that five donors committed at least $100,000 each.
Bill and Sylvia Solari provided the lead gift of $500,000. Six more donors contributed between $50,000 and $99,999, 17 more donated between $25,000 and $49,999 while 49 more donated between $10,000 and $24,999.
Kurz said another 142 donors pledged at least $1,000 to the campaign.
“This campaign was one that saw amazing commitment from such a large number of people. We had 245 people donate at least $1,000 for this campaign; that’s up more than 32 percent from the Surgical and Radiology/Oncology Campaign in 2010-11,” he said.
The CMH Foundation’s Cornerstone Society honors donors who have pledged or donated $10,000 in their lifetime, and that group increased in record numbers because of the Health Care for Life Capital Campaign, according to Kurz.
“We have a record 33 new members of Cornerstone thanks to this campaign,” he said, “and another 28 members moved to another level within the Cornerstone giving levels.”
“This was truly a community effort,” Burnette said. “The Capital Campaign Cabinet reached out to hundreds of local citizens and businesses. Without the tremendous amount of time invested by the cabinet members, we would not have met our goal by the end of 2016. Sandra (Hubbard), Dean (Marion) and Ryan (Bartholomew) took this campaign very seriously and did an outstanding job leading this campaign.”
“I want to publicly thank the cabinet for their passion and energy in making this campaign successful,” Burnette said.
Naming opportunities are still available in the hospital and Medical Services Center, as well as name bricks, according to Kurz.
The overall cost of the 50,000 square foot Medical Services Center is estimated at approximately $11 million.
The Medical Services Center will be physically attached to the new VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital and house the CMH Family Dental Clinic, Phase II Cardiac Rehab Center, educational and meeting rooms, sleeping quarters for Medical College of Virginia (MCV) residents doing clinical rotations at CMH, practice offices for additional specialists from MCV and additional shelled space for future expansion, in addition to the following provider practices: CMH Cardiology & Pulmonology, CMH Family Care Center, CMH Women’s Health Services, CMH Surgical Services, CMH Orthopedic Service, CMH Ear, Nose & Throat, CMH Urological Services and CMH Pain Management Services.