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Restaurant holds “hot wings” challenge

People love to watch people eat. Food shows like “Man vs. Food” which feature people trying to eat a 2-foot high ice cream sundae, a 5-pound hamburger or foods so spicy they have to have the fire department standing by are hugely popular.

Eating contests haven’t been big in Southside Virginia before, but a local restaurant hopes to change that.

Muddy’s Wing House in Chase City is celebrating its first month in business with a hot wings competition.

Although hot wings (Napalm wings on the menu) are a regular item on Muddy’s menu, the contest wings are designed to kick “hot” up to another level. The contest wings will be specially prepared and are fueled by the infamous Ghost Pepper.

“They’re going to be hot,” smiled Carl “Muddy” Pasko last week. “People are going to have to sign a waiver for this.”

He added that in his professional opinion, no one will manage to finish the dozen wings in the allotted five-minute time limit.

“There is nobody who is going to eat those wings,” he said. “I guarantee it. And if they do, they’re going to the hospital.”

Pasko speaks from experience. Running a restaurant in New Jersey some years back, “Muddy” said that he had never seen anyone manage to get the whole dozen wings down.

“I’ve never seen anybody finish them,” he said, adding that he would have plenty of yogurt on hand for contestants to help battle the burn after the contests.

Muddy’s “Hell Sauce,” explained manager Sandi McCall, is a mixture of spices with various peppers and ghost pepper to provide the seriously hot hot.

According to McCall, the wings will be available from Sept. 1 though Sept. 5 from 7 to 9 p.m. A dozen of the wings go for “Muddy’s” regular price of $10.99 but will be free… if you can finish them in 5 minutes or less.

McCall added that she had contacted Adam Rich, host of TV’s Man vs. Food, and hopes to hear from him before the contest wraps up.

To wind up the competition, the four top eaters, those who actually finish the wings in 5 minutes or less, will have the chance to face off against each other. Besides a serious case of heartburn, the winner will walk away with a meal for two and $25.

Featured Photo: Muddy’s Wing House manager Sandi McCall and back house manager Josuha Coleman show off the hot wings they dare anyone to try. Celebrating their first month in business, Muddy’s Wing House in Chase City is holding a hot wings eating contest. Not for the faint of heart, the hot wings are powered by ghost peppers.