Inmate apprehended shortly after escape

Law enforcement agencies gathered just east of Bracey for a manhunt on Monday after an inmate working on a road crew in the vicinity of Holly Grove Bridge escaped the custody of the guards supervising the inmates.
Law enforcement received a call at approximately 1:20 p.m. advising that an inmate working with a road crew near the Brunswick/Mecklenburg county line had fled into the woods.
Virginia State Police and Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office joined forces to set up a perimeter and locate the escaped man. Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office was also called to assist.
The escaped man fled into the woods near the Baird Estates subdivision. From there he entered into a wooded area in the Holly Grove Estates subdivision where he eventually crossed paths with a state trooper.
The convict was apprehended at that point, just a mere 28 minutes after he ran from the road crew.
“It all worked out great,” said Mecklenburg County Sheriff Bobby Hawkins. “We got a lot of people in the area very fast and were able to contain the situation.”
Hawkins also advised that the area in which the inmate chose to try to run is located amid many tributaries of Lake Gaston and did not offer a lot of options. The inmate was pretty much land-locked with nowhere to run.
Hawkins said that although residents in the local area were notified and asked to lock their doors, the situation presented no reason for alarm. The inmate did not attempt to damage or steal any property while on the run, nor did he attempt to hurt anyone.
The inmate is a current resident of Baskerville Correctional Facility in Mecklenburg County.
He told law enforcement that he attempted to escape because he was having difficulty “coping” with prison life.
After the events of Monday, the Virginia Department of Corrections has obtained a warrant for the inmate, who is now being charged with escape.
The inmate’s name was unavailable at press time.