Investigation continues in alleged racial incident

South Hill Police Department continues to investigate an alleged racially charged incident in town.
The complainants reported an adult white male driving a full-sized, dark colored pickup truck with a Confederate flag mounted on the truck and the word “REDNECK” displayed in bold red letters across the back glass discharged a combustible item in the yard of a residence where two youths were located while using racial slurs.
The incident reportedly took place last Sunday in the 400 block of Meadow Street in South Hill. It was reported at 4:14 p.m. Upon responding to the scene, police observed a small area of grass that was burnt.
South Hill Police Chief Stuart Bowen said while it’s obvious something happened and a fire occurred, the department continues to investigate to determine what exactly the circumstances were.
He said there have been many leads in the case but no arrests have been made.
“It’s obvious something happened,” he said. “Just like any crime, we’re going to try to get to the bottom of what the truth is.”
Bowen said he hopes the investigation will be complete next week.