Lake chemical  treatments  scheduled

The non-native, invasive weed hydrilla is declining steadily on Lake Gaston, and the Lake Gaston Weed Control Council, Stakeholders Board and others plan to continue that trend while also tackling a new invasive species that is increasingly present at the lake.
This year’s treatment regimen aims to keep hydrilla under control and also treat for lyngbya, a noxious algae, in certain areas.
PLM Lake and Land Management has once again been awarded the contract for the 2017 Lake Gaston treatments.
The following areas will be treated for hydrilla on Wednesday, May 31, and Thursday, June 1: Big Stonehouse Creek (West of Route 903), Uppermost (West) Poplar Creek, Beechwood Flats, upper end of Great Creek, Lower Poplar (around old boat house).
The following areas will be treated for Lyngbya between Thursday, June 1, and Friday, June 9: Lyons Creek, St. Tammany, Pretty Creek, Hawtree Creek, Smith Creek, Lee’s Creek, Rocky Branch (cove west of Pasture Gate Road), Great Creek (Americamps).
Note that no work will be undertaken over the weekend.
Any questions regarding treatment may be directed to PLM at 866-403-5259. Additional information can be obtained by visiting the following website: