Local florist preparing homes for the holiday

IMG_9454What started as a mother and son’s attempt to keep small town florists alive 20 years ago has now turned into a thriving purveyor of holiday magic.
Gavin Honeycutt and his mother Brenda Bell Crafton opened Gavin’s House of Flowers and Gifts in January of 1997, after hearing that two local florist businesses were closing in South Hill. Honeycutt said neither him nor his mother had experience in the flower business, but they wanted to make sure that the residents of South Hill and the nearby areas still had a local option for floral arrangements.
“I didn’t know a daisy from a chickweed when I started,” Honeycutt said, but now when November rolls around he is on the go nonstop for the holiday season. Honeycutt said he could not have become the successful florist he is today if it were not for the guidance of Robert Thomas, the owner of one of the florists that closed in 1997, and the reason Honeycutt and his mother decided to open Gavin’s House of Flowers.
Honeycutt offers holiday home and business decorating to all of Virginia and parts of Northern North Carolina from the beginning of November through December.
Honeycutt said he spent a whole day in Stony Creek at the start of November decorating a client’s home for the holiday season.
Honeycutt has clients near and far lined up each year that request his unique touch on holiday décor for their homes. He has been as far as Richmond to decorate people’s homes and he has even traveled as far south as Raleigh to prepare people for the season.
Honeycutt not only fills homes with Christmas cheer, but he also supplies arrangements for holiday parties and decorates businesses during the holiday months.
Between traveling here and there to get others ready for the Christmas season, Honeycutt also decorates his place of business with hundreds of lights, greenery and shiny ornaments that can be seen from the street as people pass by.
The process begins in October, Honeycutt said, and usually takes a full month to get everything in place. Honeycutt said he tries to have the store completely ready by the first weekend in November, which usually marks his unofficial grand illumination.
Every year Honeycutt brings something new to his line of holiday décor. He said he never takes photographs once he is finished designing his arrangements and decorating for an occasion. The reason for that he said, is because he does not want to repeat himself; he works by his businesses slogan, which is “designed especially for you.” Honeycutt said he does not want to redo or duplicate something he has already created for someone else because then it would not be unique and meaningful to the customer.
He said he believes it is because of his unique designs that most customers give him the creative freedom to create the arrangements for their occasions.
“It is a learning game,” Honeycutt said, “ I always strive to do something different each time.”
Honeycutt said times have changed and he has learned a lot through the years, but he could not do what he does without the help of his coworkers Linda, Anita, Brenda, Robert and Lewis.
As well as decorating for the holiday season Gavin’s House of Flowers offers floral arrangements for any occasion no matter how big or small, as well as tuxedo rentals for those special moments.
“You cannot survive off of just fresh flowers,” Honeycutt said, so the store also features a lady boutique and various retail items that are constantly changing.
The store is located at 306 N. Mecklenburg Ave. and is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. To find out more about Gavin’s or to place an order, please visit the website gavinshouseofflowers.net or call (434) 447-3746 or (800) 584-9869.
“The business continues to grow and that blessing comes in part from being located in South Hill- a growing and a thriving community,” Honeycutt said.