Man injured after jumping in lake

Lake Gaston First Responders and Southside Rescue Squad were called to Lake Gaston in the Bracey area near the Cliffs on the Roanoke subdivision on Sunday after a man injured his leg jumping into the water.
According to emergency personnel, the injured man and his dog were aboard a boat in the lake when the dog jumped into the water. The man, in an effort to retrieve his pet, jumped in behind the dog. When he entered the water, he struck something below the surface that caused injury to his leg.
Personnel from Southside Rescue transported the man via ambulance to VCU Community Memorial Hospital in South Hill where he was treated for his injuries.
Authorities advise lakegoers to always exercise caution when jumping into the lake. It is wise to be aware of what is below the surface before you enter the water.
Both Kerr Lake and Lake Gaston are comprised of many acres of land that was flooded when the lakes were formed. Below the surface lurks old tree trucks and stumps, even vehicles and structures. It is always risky to plunge into the lake water without knowing its depth or what is below the surface.
Lake Gaston Fire Department and EMS specifically released the following statement: “With summer swimming season upon us in full swing, Lake Gaston Fire and EMS would like to remind all that before you jump into the water, please check what is below the surface. This is especially important for those jumping off of docks and other structures, unimproved shorelines and boats. The water may be shallower than you realize or debris may be just below the surface. Any of this has potential to create a hazardous situation. Also, as with any moving body of water, just because it was clear last week, doesn’t mean it will be clear this week. Please remember, ‘When in doubt, check it out!’”