MCPS Superintendent announces no snow make up days needed

According to Mecklenburg County Public School’s Superintendent, Paul Nichols, the county schools will not have to make up any days missed due to snow or inclement weather.
Following the most recent snow event that closed schools on Monday, March 12 the school division began looking into various solutions for ways the students could make up the days missed due to weather conditions without taking from their spring breaks or moving graduation.
In total as of Tuesday, March 13 Mecklenburg County students had missed nine days with three two hour delays because of snow or icy conditions.
On Monday, March 19 Mecklenburg County Public Schools implemented the addition of five minutes to the school day for the remainder of the year with the addition of a full make up day being scheduled for May 21.
With the added instructional time and extra day the students would not have any of their spring break vacation days deducted and graduation could remain as scheduled.
Speaking with Nichols on Monday night following the school board meeting, he stated that “upon further consideration and speaking with the state officials” no make up days were needed and the length of the school day would return to normal on Tuesday.
In regards to the forecasted snow for Wednesday, Nichols said even if the students were to miss on Wednesday no make up days will be needed unless a “substantial amount of time is missed” between now and the end of the school year.