Mecklenburg County included on Blueprint Virginia 2025 tour

Virginia Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Barry DuVal is set to address Mecklenburg County as the commonwealth’s regional leaders and industry experts are brought together to collaborate on the chamber’s next longterm statewide economic development plan, Blueprint Virginia 2025.
Hosted by Mecklenburg County Public Schools, DuVal’s presentation is scheduled for Tuesday, April 18, at noon at Brian’s Steak House in South Hill. Mecklenburg County Business Education Partnership Director Gina Lawrimore said the county’s Superintendent of Schools Paul Nichols organized the event and is inviting all business owners, managers, directors, human resources officers, etc., to come eat, listen and participate.
The event is free to attend thanks to sponsorship from Benchmark Community Bank, Walter Beales Law Office, PC, Citizens Community Bank in Boydton, De Stefano Architectural Group, PC, Mecklenburg County Office of Economic Development, South Hill Chamber of Commerce, Clarksville Chamber of Commerce and Chase City Chamber of Commerce.
DuVal is working with business leaders throughout Virginia to establish longterm economic development goals for Virginia that will be succinctly outlined in the Blueprint Virginia 2025 document, set to be completed and presented to Virginia’s new governor, who will be elected in 2017.
Blueprint Virginia 2025 will specifically identify the restructuring of K-12 education and the importance of regional partnerships as key requirements for Virginia’s success in the global economy. DuVal anticipates talking about how this plan can benefit local business, schools and the community.
Reservations are required. RSVP to Paula Giammatteo at or call (434) 738-6111 by April 10.