Meet the FSA County Committee candidates

County Committee (COC) members are a critical component of the operations of Farm Service Agency (FSA) in Mecklenburg County. Local COC members help deliver farm programs such as disaster, conservation, emergency and commodity price support loan programs. These USDA programs are an important aspect of Farm Service Agency’s service to agriculture.

Candidates have been nominated for the County Committee Local Administrative Area (LAA) 01 election this fall. The location of LAA 01 is South Hill, La Crosse and East Palmer Springs districts.

The elected candidate will serve as a County Committee member for a three-year term beginning Jan. 1, 2017. Eligible candidates participate or cooperate in FSA programs, are of legal voting age and reside in the LAA in which the election is being held.

The candidates are as follows:

Charles W. Conner is a fourth generation farmer who has produced tobacco, corn, wheat, soybeans, milo, hay and livestock for 36 years. Conner served on the Virginia State University Small Farm Family Conference board for six years.

Rachael M. Wright grew up working on a tobacco, cattle and small grains farm and remains involved in the day-to-day operations of Manning Farms, Inc. She has a degree in Agricultural Economics from Virginia Tech. Wright stated, “I understand the challenges farmers face and the importance of working together and supporting our farming community. I have a passion for agriculture, and I look forward to serving the farmers of Mecklenburg County.”

Lovely Moore Jr. has farmed all his life. In his lifetime he has produced crops such as tobacco, wheat, corn and rye. Today, Moore produces hay and pasture for his livestock operation. Moore is the pastor of St. Taylor’s Church in Boydton. He has been the pastor there for 30 years.

Ballots will be mailed to eligible voters beginning Nov. 7, 2016. The ballots must be postmarked or returned to the Mecklenburg County FSA Office at 1028 Madison St., Boydton, VA  23917 no later than Dec. 5, 2016.

Ballots will be tabulated on Wednesday, Dec. 7, at 9 a.m. in the Mecklenburg County Office conference room. The public is invited to attend.