Misconduct alleged against La Crosse town manager

During the public comment portion of the regular La Crosse Town Council meeting on Monday night, a gentleman who identified himself to council as John Janson accused recently hired Town Manager F.A. Hendrick of misconduct and asked for his dismissal from the position.

“I have had a personal problem with Mr. Hendrick,” Janson said. “In his authority as a town official he has acted in his own self-interest and interfered with a real estate transaction to profit himself.”

Janson did not elaborate on the transaction.

He did note that he has sent a letter to the county and to the town concerning the matter.

“That has put you in a position where you very well may be potentially liable,” he told the council. “It is a serious conflict of interest, a violation that is possibly criminal, and I want you to do something about it.”

Janson then asked that Hendrick be removed from the position.

“I want you to appreciate the gravity of this,” Janson continued. “I trust that you have already contacted your attorney. I’m not going to take this lightly. How you as a town decide to handle it has a lot to do with what I’m going to do moving forward. I wanted everybody publicly to be aware of that.”

Janson closed by telling council members that they could contact him if they had any questions.

At the end of the regular meeting, council convened into a closed session for the purpose of discussing “legal matters.”

Contacted after the meeting, Mayor Jay Spence said “Monday night was the first the town heard” of the issue and declined further comment, pending investigation into the matter.

The Enterprise reached out to Janson for further information however at press time had not received any comment.

In other business, Hendrick at Monday night’s council meeting updated the council and citizens in attendance on several improvements made recently throughout the town. Repairs and improvements include cleaning ditches, cutting grass, spraying weeds, bush hogging sewer lines, cleaning sidewalks, fixing potholes, making repairs to the La Crosse Hotel, putting stone down where needed and cutting limbs.

Hendrick informed council that the garbage truck is in need of repairs.

He announced that the town is “looking to sell five acres of pulpwood.”

“If anybody knows somebody who wants to cut some timber, we’ve got five acres of pulpwood that we would like to cut within the town limits,” he said.