No major problems as voters go to polls

BOYDTON- Although Democrats took the major statewide offices in the election on Tuesday, Mecklenburg County remained staunchly Republican, as Democratic candidates were only able to elk out victories in a handful of precincts. When the votes were tallied on Tuesday night, twenty of the twenty-three precincts in Mecklenburg were solidly in the Republican column. Democrats took the lead in precincts 202 – Bluestone Sr., 203 – Chase City VFW, and 402-Park View Middle School.
In the race for Governor, the final count showed Ed Gillispie with a total of 5,125 to Ralph Northam (D) count of 3,403.
In the race for Lieutenant Governor, Jill Vogel (R) beat out Justin Fairfax (D) by a vote of 5157 to 3362.
The post of Attorney General was taken by John Addams with 5,172 to Mark Herring (D) brining in 3,352.
Thomas Wright, unopposed in his big for another term representing the 61st District in the House of Delegates, took 6,303 votes.
Out of approximately 21,250 eligible voters in the county, some 598 absentee ballots were cast for Tuesday’s election while approximately 8,500 citizens actually went to the polls.
“There were no real problems,” said Jason Corwin, Mecklenburg County Registrar. “There were a few minor annoyances,” he added.
According to Corwin, because the Town of Brodnax is actually in two jurisdictions, poll workers mistakenly gave ballots to several voters not qualified to vote in the local election.
Once the mistake was found, said Corwin, the State Board of Elections was notified.
As the local races were uncontested, the mistake did not affect the outcome of the elections but steps are being taken to determine how the situation can be avoided in the future.
Otherwise, said Corwin, the voting process in Mecklenburg went smoothly and with no issues.
Due to the new electronic reporting system with tallies immediately uploaded to the county website, citizens were able to watch the results as they came in. Within 35 minutes after the polls closed, said Corwin, the results were on the website for the public to see.