Park View student’s talent recognized internationally

Dasia 2

A Park View High School student has been invited to represent Virginia on the 2018 Track and Field team competing in Australia.
Dasia Harris, a senior at PVHS, will be participating in 2018 Down Under Sports competition in Queensland, Australia. She will be leaving on July 8 to undergo intensive training and to compete in the tournament for individual honors and a team championship title.
Harris is a member of the Park View High School’s Track and Field team where she competes in the high jump, the 100-meter dash and the 200-meter dash.
Out of the those three categories Harris competes in she said she enjoys the high jump and the 100-meter dash the most and she hopes to compete in one of those categories for the Down Under Sports championship.
Harris explained that once she arrives in Australia she will meet with all of her teammates from across the United States and the coaches. Then she will be placed into a specific track and field category based on her strengths and stats. Once she and all of her teammates are assigned to their categories, Harris said the training begins.
Approximately eight out of the 10-day trip will be spent training for the two day championship.
Not only did Harris say she is extremely excited to compete, but she is also very excited about having the opportunity to travel.
Harris said this will be the first time she has ever traveled outside of the country and it is a dream come true.
The funny thing is Harris said she always used to tell herself, “When I travel, the first place I am going to go is Australia.”
Though Harris is grateful for the opportunity to compete in the sport she loves internationally, she said she is most excited about being able to see the wildlife native to Australia.
Harris said she loves animals, so much so that she plans on pursuing a career in the veterinary field.
Now that Harris has been chosen to compete she has one more hurtle she must first jump before her dream of going to Australia comes true.
Despite already being selected to compete in the Down Under Sports program, Harris still needs to raise nearly $5,000 to be able to pay for the 10-day tournament package and airfare.
Harris said she has a few ideas of how she will raise the money, but already she has had donations come in from various churches and many of her classmates at Park View High School.
Along with donations Harris has been holding small yard sales to help raise the funds and she hopes to start selling t-shirts and host a fish fry and bake sale once the weather changes.
If anyone is interested in making a donation to help send Harris to Australia, they can do so by visiting The aforementioned website is a direct link to Harris’s Down Under Sports account where electronic donations can be added to her tournament fund.
The Down Under Sports program was founded in February of 1989 by George O’Scanlon, a native of New Zealand.
The program started with the focus solely on American football due to O’Scanlon’s desire to promote American football not only to the people of New Zealand, but also to Australia.
The first Down Under sports program O’Scanlon started was the Down Under Bowl, which eventually led to the Down Under Hoops and the Down Under International Games.
The Down Under Sports program prides itself on the use of the common language of sports to bridge the continents and provide a forum for athletes from around the globe to compete head-to-head in the sport they love.
For the past 29 years Down Under Sports has given tens of thousands of individuals from across the United States an opportunity to show off their talent in the “land down under.”