Principals at both high schools changing

There were several significant changes at the administrative level that were officially approved at Friday’s special meeting of the Mecklenburg County School Board, according to Superintendent of Schools Paul Nichols.
Dr. Darnell Carter has been moved from principal at Park View High School to principal at Bluestone High School, while Pauline Keeton has been moved from principal at Bluestone High School to assistant principal at Chase City Elementary.
Nichols said the division will advertise for the principal’s position at Park View High School.
Meanwhile, Wesley Swain has been moved from assistant principal at Bluestone High School to assistant principal at Park View High School, while Karen Riddock has been moved from assistant principal at Chase City Elementary to assistant principal at Bluestone High School.
Nichols offered an explanation for the administrative changes.
“During a recent administrative discussion, Mrs. Keeton informed our team of her interest to transfer to an elementary assistant principal position within the county,” Nichols said. “Mrs. Keeton’s rationale behind the request is to still contribute to the students and parents of Mecklenburg County Public Schools but in a different capacity due to personal reasons concerning family health issues. Mrs. Keeton has served MCPS for 26 years as a Title I Parent Coordinator, Business Education Teacher, Assistant Principal and Principal. Based on her extensive experience and community involvement, Mrs. Keeton will transition to Chase City Elementary replacing Karen Riddick, Assistant Principal, to work closely with Fred Taylor, principal, and staff as they continue to make instructional gains.
“Wesley Swain, assistant principal, requested a transfer to Park View High School full-time. During the spring semester, Mrs. Swain served as an assistant principal for both Bluestone and Park View high schools. She has made significant contributions to both schools.
“Karen Riddick will transition to the vacant assistant principal position at Bluestone High School. Karen’s years of instructional experience at the secondary level and administrative experience in MCPS will be a tremendous asset as she will work alongside Velva Kindley, assistant principal at Bluestone High.
“In light of these changes, Bluestone High School will be led by Dr. Darnell Carter, current principal of Park View High School. Dr. Carter has a skill set and knowledge base that will serve the Bluestone community well. He looks forward to the transition to BHS and becoming a Baron. The position for the principal of Park View High School will be advertised.
“We look forward to beginning the 2017-18 academic year with these administrative changes as they will continue to make our division better equipped while providing a quality education for students and great place to work for staff.”