Regional archers converge on Clarksville for shoot

Big Oaks Archery ASA Club in Clarksville hosted archery shoots for three different categories simultaneously on Saturday.
Archers from Georgia to Virginia were bundled up and fighting the cold temperatures at Saturday’s Big Oaks Archery ASA Club’s 3-Deminsional Archery Shoot. The three category shoots that archers could choose from were the Archery Shooters Association VA/NC Qualifier, the Virginia Archery Coalition shoot and the club’s monthly fun shoot.
The Big Oaks Archery ASA Club was founded by Noel and Marian Sorpus, owners and operators of Buggs Island Archery in Clarksville. Already owning the bow shop, when Marian purchased the land where Saturday’s shoot took place around four years ago from her family, the idea of forming a club and taking to the woods to make target land was inevitable.
The club hosts10 shoots every year, and Marian said the turnout for each shoot mainly depends on the weather. Due to the cooler temperatures at this weekend’s shoot, the numbers were down, but the weather did not stop a few of the faithful participants from showing up.
Around 40 archers participated in the shoots, but Amanda Comstock, Marian’s daughter-in-law, said on warm days they can get anywhere from 50 to 70 participants.
Walking through cut out paths in the woods located behind the club, archers were taking aim at 3D foam animals ranging from small pigs to a ferocious lion. The targets were set up deep in the woods with varying levels of difficulty depending on the archer’s class.
Small colored flag markers were set up at different distances from the target to ensure every archer was shooting on their own level. Unlike most sporting tournaments, the archery shoot is silent besides the rustling of leaves under the participants feet.
Each archer finds their flag, sets their bow, takes aim and then releases in a complete focused and silent state. Archers of all ages were participating ranging from elementary age to the senior class.
No matter the age the focus and enjoyment of hitting the target was the same. The archers carry scorecards and the scores are determined on the location the arrow lands within multiple circles on each animal.
Once the archers Saturday had finished their trek through the woods they came full circle back into the club to regain feeling in their limbs by sitting next to the electric heater and enjoying some warm refreshments.
The day turned out to be a success with a slightly smaller turnout, but fun was had by all, and trophies were given to first place winners in each class.
Those who placed top 10 in each of the classes for the Qualifier shoot can now move on to both the Virginia and North Carolina State Archery Shoot.