Reimagined tourism website officially live

The Mecklenburg County Tourism Office has completed the redesign of its current website (, and the finished version is officially online and live.
As an important economic driver, the quickly growing tourism industry has consistently increased travel-related spending and job growth in the county year after year. Supported statements at the state-level by Gov. Terry McAuliffe and data provided by Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC) confirm the importance of tourism as a revenue and jobs generator within the state and region.
The Mecklenburg County Tourism Office was awarded in September 2016 a $10,500 matching grant as a part of VTC’s Marketing Leverage Program (MLP). The grants are designed to help local and regional tourism entities attract more visitors by leveraging limited local marketing dollars and stimulating new tourism marketing through partnerships.
Mecklenburg County partnered with the Town of South Hill, Clarksville Lake Country Chamber of Commerce and South Hill Chamber of Commerce to generate the matching dollars for the project.
The website redesign project was put out for bid in early 2015 and was awarded to Mikula|Harris, an award-winning branding and advertising agency based out of Vinton, Va.
“The site is designed with the user in mind. It’s extremely easy to navigate and to interact with the county’s social media outlets,” said David Mikula, president, co-founder and brand strategist with Mikula|Harris. “It’s a visually stunning website that really captures the personality of Mecklenburg County from the lakes to the wineries to the charming small towns.”
A major component and requirement with the redesign was to include a “responsive web design,” or allowing webpages to be viewed in response to the size of the screen being used. This is especially important if users are viewing the tourism site via mobile devices or tablets.
“We are very excited with the completion of the county’s tourism website,” said Jacob Bower, Mecklenburg County Tourism Coordinator. “Mikula|Harris has been an important partner with our local and regional tourism efforts, and their work with the tourism website provides a consistent experience for users and allows them to navigate the website with ease. The new website is an amazing tool that we will use to bring new visitors and spending to Mecklenburg.”
“Mecklenburg County is extremely pleased with the redesigned website and how it will increase user traffic though mobile devices,” said Wayne Carter, Mecklenburg County administrator. “Tourism is an extremely important part of our local economy and our job base. We look forward to increasing its presence in the county through the completion of this project. I wish to thank Jacob and the staff at Mikula|Harris for a job well done.”
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