Rosemont to add sparkling wine to product offerings

Olivia Allison

Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine of Virginia recently announced the allotment of more than $3.6 million in federal grant funding earmarked for rural agricultural development across Virginia.
Rosemont of Virginia Winery, located in the Blackridge area of Mecklenburg County, is one of four agricultural establishments in the Southern Virginia region who received a portion of the funding.
Rosemont, a 450-acre vineyard and winery, will receive $180,000 in federal grant funding. According to Rosemont manager Stephen Rose, the winery plans to use the funding for the introduction, production, marketing and sale of sparkling wine.
The grant is a three-year matching grant covering production costs, marketing and sales activities.
According to Rose, this funding and expansion will grow Rosemont’s business by about 15-20 percent over the next three years, based on the sparkling wine sales alone, in addition to rounding out the establishment’s portfolio of wine offerings.
Currently, Rosemont produces 4,500 cases of wine annually in many different varieties, including four varieties of white/rose wines, five varieties of red wines, two varieties of sweet wines and a port.
The winery also produces a single red and a single white wine that are available exclusively to Rosemont Club members.
Although many other Virginia wineries can compete with Rosemont’s current offerings, only about five or six Virginia wineries currently produce and offer sparkling wines.
“The white sparkling will essentially help us fill the gap that we currently have in our white wine offerings,” Rose said.
Rose also said the expansion and additional wine selections will help solidify Rosemont as one of Virginia’s premier wineries.
Additionally, Rose noted that sparking wine sales have been increasing in recent years to the tune of about 15 percent, and this creates a “good growth market for Rosemont.”
“With our commitment to producing quality wines, we believe this will be a successful venture,” he said. “It will also enhance the distribution of our wines throughout Virginia. Our Charlottesville-based distributor is very supportive of us adding sparkling wine to our wine selection.”
This expansion will not only offer benefits for the winery but also the surrounding area, as it will increase the establishment’s payroll as well as bring more business to the area in the form of sales, taxes and tourism dollars.
Rosemont Winery, established in 2003 with the planting of 22 acres of grapes, handles every aspect of the wine making process from growing the grapevines, to harvesting the fruit and making the wine, to bottling it and serving customers right there on site.