State inspection stickers to relocate, effective Jan. 1

Effective as of January 1, Virginia state inspection stickers will be relocated on vehicle windshields due to new automotive innovations.
Once a vehicle is inspected and issued a 2019 sticker the new sticker must be relocated from the bottom center of the windshield to the bottom left corner of the windshield, when viewed from the inside of the vehicle. Existing Virginia vehicle inspection stickers are to remain in their current position until a 2019 sticker is issued.
The change in location will also apply to the placement of any other authorized stickers. No changes have been made to the size or appearance of the existing vehicle inspection stickers.
The relocation stems from the fact that automobile manufacturers now offer crash avoidance technology in many of their vehicles. In such vehicles, the new technology utilizes the center of the windshield. Therefore the placement of items in that area, including stickers, could prevent crash avoidance systems from operating properly.
“The core mission of the Virginia Safety Inspection Program is to promote highway safety and the crash avoidance technology is another tool provided by manufactures to ensure vehicles operated on the roadways are safe at all times,” said Capt. R.C. Maxey Jr., Virginia State Police Safety Division Commander. “Therefore, we immediately began evaluating the situation and set forth to make the necessary changes to the Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Manual, which governs the placement of the safety inspection sticker on all vehicles.”
The Virginia Sate Police Safety Division began notifying all Virginia certified inspection stations on December 2 of the placement change that is to take effect on Jan. 1.