Stickers move makes dumping trash harder

New state rules coming into effect on January 1 might impact how local citizens use dumpster sites.
Speaking on Friday morning Mecklenburg County Administrator Wayne Carter said that although Mecklenburg County has eliminated county decals, the county had considered allowing people to keep their existing decals on their cars to be used as proof of residence when using “convenience centers,” dumpster sites located on Jonbil Road in Chase City and on Highway 58, Number One across from Park View High in South Hill. Due to changes in state laws, that plan may not work.
“The state is not allowing decals in the center bottom of windshields,” explained Carter.
As drivers have their cars inspected, all center decals will be removed. New inspection stickers will be located in the lower corner on the driver side of the vehicle.
Citizens, Carter said, will likely have to show another form of proof of residence to use the centers, which are available only to county citizens.
“The new law saying there will be nothing in the center bottom of the windshield so we exact that as the vehicles are inspected, the center decals will be scrapped off.”
Carter added that the county had hopes of keeping the proof of residence as simple as possible for residents but the new rules coming into place on the state level have changed the situation.
“We are sorry about the inconvenience,” said Carter. “We had hoped to be able to leave the old stickers but the new state regulations change that.”