Trump sign vandalism reaching ‘pandemic’ levels

Supporters in Mecklenburg and Brunswick counties are outraged as the “pandemic” of Donald Trump for President political sign vandalisms continues.

Ongoing for several months, at least one vandalism in each county has been reported to police, although citizens say more have occurred.

One large Trump sign on Highway 903 in the Bracey area was completely destroyed recently. Another, at a residence in Brunswick County was also destroyed, and the vandal, a juvenile, was caught red-handed by state police while vandalizing the sign.

According to Brunswick County Sheriff Brian Roberts, the juvenile was processed through the court system, however, according to the victim of the vandalism, the juvenile only received a “slap on the wrist.”

“I feel discriminated against,” the victim said.

Victims of the vandalisms are outraged, saying nothing is really being done to stop them.

One citizen pointed out that just because it’s a $2 sign does not mean that it’s not valuable to the owner, and it is still the owner’s personal property. Additionally, vandals are trespassing on private property in order to access the signs.

Major Terry Edmonds with the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office said if caught, the vandal(s) would be penalized the same as if they were caught trespassing and vandalizing other property, such a vehicle.

These incidents are not isolated to Mecklenburg and Brunswick counties. The Courier Record, a newspaper publication in Blackstone, Va., reported on a similar incident occurred in that area several months ago.

There are also numerous reports nationally of similar instances, reports from Florida to Texas to Washington, where Donald Trump sings are being destroyed, defaced, vandalized or stolen.

Local news outlets in McKinney, Texas, recently reported that a female homeowner awoke one morning to find that a vandal had defaced her Trump sign by painting a swastika on it.

A family in Haymarket, Va., reached out to news outlets in June after its Trump sign was damaged, defaced, egged and littered with broken, torn and defaced American flags.

Local news outlets in Oceanside, Calif., recently reported that a resident there awoke to find his Trump sign vandalized, defaced with profanity and his garage egged.

In one incident in Massachusetts in August, a resident had his Trump signs stolen and vandalized multiple times, which prompted him to set up video surveillance cameras on his property. After the cameras were installed, he was able to catch a woman who was later arrested and charged defacing his signs. When he went outside to confront the vandal, she “nearly ran him over with her car while trying to speed away,” reported a local news outlet.

While local Trump sign vandalisms have not reached the same severity, locals still hope the issue will be dealt with before it does reach those levels.

If you have any information regarding these vandalisms, contact the sheriff’s office in the respective county.

Featured Photo: Pictured, a Donald Trump for President sign on Highway 903 in the Bracey area was vandalized recently. (Olivia Allison/South Hill Enterprise)