Upcoming season change prompts school to revisit dress code policy

With the spring season approaching, Park View Middle School’s administrators are reminding students of the dress code policy.
A phone call was placed to parents and guardians of PVMS students on Tuesday informing them that a letter regarding the school’s dress code policy was going to be sent home with the students on Wednesday.
The letter sent home was a copy of the Mecklenburg County School Systems dress code pulled directly form the schools handbook.
PVMS principal Joan Hite said there has not been an increase in issues with the dress code, she just wanted to reiterate the full policy with the parents and the students so everyone is on the same page.
“It’s been a lot of transition in this building and we are just trying to have some consistency,” Hite said in regards to the reasoning behind the letter being sent home.
Hite said another reason she felt it was necessary to bring the dress code policy to the students’ and parents’ attention was due to the upcoming season change.
With the weather soon to begin warming up the students attire will most likely be changing and Hite said she wanted to be sure to communicate with the parents on what the proper attire for the students is.
Some of the rules for clothing that the policy touches on is that shorts, skirts and dresses should be no shorter than four inches above the knee; tops and sleeveless shirts must be three fingers in width for ladies and jerseys with large armholes are not permitted unless a t-shirt is worn underneath; students shall not wear clothing that exposes excessive cleavage and shoes shall be worn at all times.
It is important, Hite explained, to reinforce the dress code policy not only in school, but at home as well so that students know what is acceptable and what the consequences are if the appropriate clothing is not worn.