Woman mauled by pit bulls still hospitalized but making progress

Michelle Thomas, the Chase City woman mauled in a pit bull attack on Jan. 28, remains hospitalized in Richmond this week recovering from injuries sustained in the attack.
Speaking on Monday, Lisa Kurzawa, a Thomas family friend, said that Thomas remains in critical condition at the VCU Medical Center but is making progress.
“She is not out of the woods and may require up to another month in the hospital,” Kurzawa said. “When I spoke with her she still had her sense of humor about her, somehow.”
Kurzawa added that doctors have reattached the artery in Thomas’ hand and that color has returned to her fingers.
“This is a great sign, but again, more surgery is needed on the hand and there is still no guarantee,” Kurzawa said.
Dep. Joey Grube of the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office responded to a dog bite call on Saturday, Jan. 28, and arrived to find Thomas being prepped to be airlifted to VCU Medical Center for treatment of massive injuries sustained in the attack.
Thomas, who was walking along Trottinridge Road with her son, had been attacked by two dogs later identified as pit bulls. A passing motorists saw Thomas laying in the ditch with the two dogs attacking, exited his vehicle and fired a gun into the air to drive the dogs off.
The motorist was able to tell law enforcement to which home the dogs had run, and the dogs were latter picked up by Mecklenburg Chief Animal Control Officer Doug Blanton. The animals were transported to the Mecklenburg Animal Shelter.
Speaking last week, Blanton said the dogs would be held until Thomas can discuss the incident, evidence is presented and a judge determines what will happen to the animals. Blanton said that the owners would be charged in the incident.
Contacted this week, Blanton said that the dogs remain in county custody at press time.
Meanwhile, the community reacted to the incident, providing prayers and financial support for the family.
On Monday evening, Kurzawa said that Thomas and the entire family remain hopeful and extend their thanks to the community for the prayers and support.
“The fundraiser has been a great success, and a huge help to the Thomas family,” Kurzawa said. “They wish to thank everybody for their generosity, hopes and prayers.”
A page on gofundme.com has been set up online to help the Thomas family cover medical and other expenses. The page can be visited at gofundme.com/woman-attacked-by-2-pitbulls.