Zip code issue resurfaces

VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital CEO Scott Burnette attended the La Crosse Town Council meeting on Monday, speaking about the zip code change issue concerning about 30 addresses that straddle the South Hill/La Crosse postal districts. Several affected business owners also spoke on the matter.

In 2014, when ideas concerning South Hill’s new hospital were being developed, the town of South Hill requested that about 30 addresses located along N. Mecklenburg Avenue and E. Atlantic Street be altered to better reflect their location. Businesses such as Sears and Kahill’s on N. Mecklenburg and Applebee’s on E. Atlantic at that time had a La Crosse addresses and zip codes even though they fell with in the town of South Hill.

The hospital requested this change so as not to confuse people trying to locate a South Hill hospital with a La Crosse address.

A compromise was finally reached, and the addresses in question changed their town name to South Hill, however the zip code remained La Crosse.

This has created some problems. According to several business owners who spoke at Monday’s meeting, the odd combination of South Hill and La Crosse in the address is causing mail and packages to be rerouted and confusing GPS devices.

Burnette said he was contacted last week by the postal service, which is reconsidering the change. According to Burnette, the postal service said that if both South Hill and La Crosse councils agreed, the 30 or so addresses in question may be allowed to change their zip code to match the South Hill name.

Burnette noted that the hospital hopes not to have to change its address, as it has already put the address into use and would have to have certain items reprinted if the address were to revert back to both a La Crosse address and zip code or change to reflect South Hill’s address and zip code.

Walter Pleaton of Home Solutions was one of the business owners who spoke on Monday, saying that he had not received a valuable piece of mail due to the confusion surrounding the address change. He said he noticed issues arising about eight months ago.

Beth Farrar of Farrar Funeral Home also addressed council, echoing the same concerns and saying that important packages were not being delivered on time because of the address issue.

She also said that her business address is “showing up on many websites as South Hill/La Crosse, Virginia, 23950.”

“They can’t find South Hill/La Crosse, Virginia, because it doesn’t exist,” she said.

She also agreed that the issue started about six or eight months ago.

Council met the request with some resistance.

Councilman Jeff Edmonds called the situation a step backwards for the town.

Mayor Jay Spence told Burnette that the council would need time to discuss the matter.

Councilman Tom Tanner said council intended to set a date to meet with a representative of the postal service and further discuss details surrounding the issue.